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Priscilla Bush has been practicing criminal law in Texas for more than a decade. She is a compassionate criminal defense lawyer with a record of success in criminal cases in Houston, Texas. Ms. Bush has a passion for seeking justice for people who have been charged with a crime.

Whether you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony Attorney Priscilla Bush is ready to help. Ms. Bush employs a comprehensive approach to criminal defense including a proven understanding of criminal law, a thorough investigation of the allegations and witnesses and a commitment to uncovering mitigation factors. This comprehensive approach allows Priscilla Bush to provide solid representation for her clients.

"As a criminal defense lawyer, I enjoy digging, investigating, putting together a case for the defense. The state always enters the courtroom with enormous advantages, money, power, police, tough-on-crime judges, the trust of the public, and indifference or fear.

But the defense can gain an advantage by knowing more about the case – every tiny detail – more than the state. But this advantage comes only by launching an intensive investigation of the facts, the people, the police, and the police investigation. Investigating takes time and effort and money, but without a thorough investigation, the defense remains mostly handicapped and at the mercy of the prosecution's advantages. Luckily, I love this part of representing people."


Activities & Affiliations

  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Member
  • Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, Member
  • FAiR Criminal Court Watch, Exec. Director
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  • State Bar of Texas
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Texas
  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas

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